Pakistan Strikes $1.6 Billion Agreement with Azerbaijan for JF-17 Fighter Jet Sales

Feb 25, 2024

Pakistan and Azerbaijan have solidified their military cooperation with a historic contract for the sale of JF-17C Block-III fighter multirole aircraft. The deal, reported by Azer News, marks Pakistan’s largest-ever export agreement, totaling $1.6 billion for aircraft, training, and ammunition. This significant milestone underscores Islamabad’s commitment to enhancing its defense capabilities while strengthening its ties with Baku.

The JF-17C Block-III fighter jets, showcased internationally at the Dubai Air Show in 2023, represent the cutting edge of modern aerial warfare technology. Pakistan’s collaboration with Ankara and Beijing further underscores its dedication to bolstering its defense capabilities.

While specific details of the deal remain undisclosed to the public, the agreement signifies a deepening of the longstanding friendship between Pakistan and Azerbaijan. Over the years, both nations have engaged in various forms of military cooperation, including joint military exercises, defense technology transfers, and training programs.

Pakistan’s assistance in training Azerbaijani military personnel and their joint participation in military drills, particularly focusing on counterterrorism operations, highlight the depth of their defense partnership. This deal not only strengthens Azerbaijan’s defense system but also reinforces the bond between two Islamic nations with a shared history of friendly relations.