PM assures foolproof security arrangements for Chinese nationals; March 26 culprits to get exemplary punishment

Apr 1, 2024

 Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Monday assured foolproof security measures for the Chinese nationals working on Dasu Hydropower Project as well as across the country and resolved to ensure exemplary punishment for the perpetrators of March 26 Bisham incident.

Addressing a gathering of the Chinese nationals working on the power project, he said the government would ensure that the perpetrators and culprits of March 26 incident should get the exemplary punishment, so that it would be a lesson and that no one could commit such dastardly act in future.

The prime minister said that the sole purpose of his visit was to offer deep and sincere condolences and express feelings to the Chinese brothers and sisters in Dasu over a sad incident that took place on March 26 in which five Chinese and one local lost their lives.

He said it was a cowardly act on part of the terrorists to kill innocent Chinese and a Pakistani for no other reason except to disturb and damage the exceptional friendship between Pakistan and China.

Federal ministers Amir Muqam, Attaullah Tarar, Chairman WAPDA Lt Gen. (retd) Sajjad Ghani, Chinese Ambassador in Pakistan Jiang Zaidong, members of the Chinese company and senior officials were also present on the occasion.

Terming it a job of the enemies of Pakistan, the prime minister said that it was a dastardly act on part of the perpetrators who found every opportunity to harm this friendship which was strengthening by each passing day and expanding and moving forward with speed.

“That is the reason enemies do not spare any opportunity to damage and create a wedge between the two Iron Brothers,” he added.

Prime Minister Sharif said that they shared the moment of sadness and sorrow and assured that the government would not leave any stone unturned and would not spare any opportunity to ensure the best possible security measures for the Chinese families and nationals.

He also assured the Chinese leadership, the people and the Chinese ambassador that all foolproof security arrangements would be made for the Chinese people working and supporting a prosperous and developing Pakistan.

The prime minister said that after the incident, he had visited embassy immediately to offer condolences on behalf of his government and the people of Pakistan to the Chinese leadership and the Chinese people.

He informed that a joint investigation team was also constituted on the same day and its report was due any time.

He further assured that they would not waste time to act upon the recommendations of the inquiry committee in letter and spirit.

Besides, a high level security meeting was held on March 27 in which they discussed better coordination with the provincial governments over the additional security measures, he added.

The prime minister said that Pak-China friendship would march forward in unison and the enemies of CPEC and this exceptional relationship would be defeated completely.

Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Jiang Zaidong said that the prime minister visited the embassy and reassured security for the Chinese nationals.

He also expressed gratitude to the government and people of Pakistan for expressing solidarity, adding that they were ready to work together to further build their strategic partnership with Pakistan.

The gathering also observed 30-second silence for those who lost lives in the tragic incident.