PUC to observe ‘Pakistan Stability Day’ nationwide on Friday

May 9, 2024

Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) Chairman Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi on Thursday, declaring the tragedy of May 9 as the most grievous in the annals of Pakistan’s history, urged the judiciary to swiftly bring the perpetrators to justice and to release the unjustly detained.
Addressing a press conference accompanying with Mufti Syed Naseem Islam, Maulana Qari Mubashir Rahimi, and other dignitaries, he said ‘Pakistan Stability Day’ would be observed nationwide on Friday.
During Friday sermons, Ashrafi said esteemed scholars and religious leaders would emphasize the imperative of unity between the Pakistan Army and the citizenry for the preservation of Pakistan’s security, stability, and unity, while unequivocally denouncing the events of May 9.
He expressed disappointment that the judiciary had yet to prosecute individuals for whom evidence was unequivocal. He emphasized the necessity of thorough investigation into the root causes and agents fostering division within the nation and the armed forces, sowing discord in the country, and instigating political violence.
Ashrafi highlighted the virtue of humility and accountability, stating that acknowledging and rectifying mistakes exemplify true leadership. He intends to urge the leadership of Tehreek-e-Insaf to pursue negotiation over obstinacy.
The individuals responsible for setting ablaze, and creating chaos on May 9 were deemed as perpetrators of national criminality, he said questing that is it permissible for any faction, organization, or individual to incite conflagration upon the nation’s vital defense installations, subjecting them to destruction?
He emphasized that Pakistan was poised for economic advancement, and political stability was imperative in this trajectory. He said the national leadership must step forward to fulfill its duty in fostering such stability