Kyrgyz Charge d’affaires handed over a demarche over last night’s violent incident against Pakistani students

May 19, 2024

Charge d’affaires of the Kyrgyz Embassy in Pakistan Melis Moldaliev on Saturday was called to the Foreign Office for a demarche by Director General (ECO & CARs) Aizaz Khan, conveying the deep concerns of the Government of Pakistan about the reports of last night’s incidents against Pakistani students studying in the Kyrgyz Republic.

“It was impressed on the Kyrgyz Charge d’affaires that the Kyrgyz government should take all possible measures to ensure the safety and security of Pakistani students and citizens residing in the Kyrgyz Republic,” Foreign Office Spokesperson said in a press statement.

“The Government of Pakistan takes the matter of the safety and security of its national around the world very seriously and would take all necessary measures to ensure their well-being,” it was asserted.

The Kyrgyz authorities have expressed regret over the incidents of violence against foreign nationals including Pakistanis in Bishkek last night and also pledged to hold an inquiry and punish the perpetrators.

The Government of Pakistan was in contact with the Kyrgyz Government to ensure the safety and security of its nationals at risk in view of the mob riots of last night in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The Embassy of Pakistan has opened an emergency helplines and responding to queries of students and their families.

Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic Hassan Ali Zaigham has been in close contact with senior Kyrgyz authorities.

According to the Kyrgyz Health Ministry, four Pakistanis were provided first aid and discharged while one was under treatment for jaw injury.

Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif and Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar has directed the Foreign Office to monitor the situation round-the-clock and to fully assist and facilitate Pakistani nationals.

Meanwhile, the Kyrgyz Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement said that the law enforcement agencies of the Kyrgyz Republic took prompt measures to arrest the people involved in the incident.

The situation was completely under the control of the security forces, and the safety of citizens and public order were ensured. There were no serious injuries among those who took part in the incident. About 15 citizens applied to medical institutions for examination, it was added.