The Armed Forces congratulate the people on the successful completion of the general elections.

Feb 15, 2024

The Pakistani Armed Forces congratulated the people on holding the 2024 general elections, which were held on Thursday, February 8th, successfully, peacefully and smoothly.

The Pakistani Army Media Office said in a statement that the armed forces are proud to provide security protection during the electoral process, adding that the armed forces, within their constitutional scope, made efforts to ensure the holding of peaceful elections in the country.

They added that the armed forces hope that the elections will contribute to strengthening more democracy in the country.

They stated that about 137,000 soldiers were deployed to polling stations across the country with the aim of ensuring the security and safety of voters.

The statement appreciated the efforts of the enforcement agencies, the Ministry of Interior, the Election Commission, and the regional governments to expand support and cooperation for the success of the election process in the country.