Army Chief: Chaos isn’t appropriate. I pray to God that the elections will bring economic stability and prosperity to our country.

Feb 15, 2024

Pakistani Army Chief General Asim Munir congratulated the people of his country, the transitional government, the Election Commission, the political parties, and all of the winning candidates on the successful conduct of the country’s general elections, adding that the country requires stable hands to move away from the politics of chaos and polarization.

He explained, according to a statement issued by the army’s media wing, that chaos and polarization are inappropriate for a developing country with a population of 250 million people, and that the people require steady hands and a healing touch to overcome the politics of chaos and polarization.
He stated that the free and unhindered participation of Pakistanis in exercising their right to vote demonstrates his commitment to democracy, noting that elections are not a contest of winning and losing, but rather an exercise in determining the people’s mandate.

He also stated that the people of Pakistan have demonstrated mutual trust in the country’s constitution, and that it is now the responsibility of all political parties to respond with political maturity and unity.
He stated that the leadership and personnel of law enforcement agencies deserve our highest praise for ensuring a safe environment for the electoral process despite enormous challenges. As we pass this national landmark, we must reflect on where the country is today and where we should stand in relation to other countries.