The Pakistan Scholars Council condemns the Israeli aggression against Rafah and calls for a boycott of Israeli and Indian products.

Feb 15, 2024

Sheikh Tahir Mahmoud Al-Ashrafi, Chairman of the Council of Pakistani Scholars and Special Representative of the Prime Minister for Middle East Affairs, Islamic Countries, and Religious Harmony, strongly condemned Israel’s military aggression against Rafah in the Gaza Strip and called on Islamic nations to boycott Israeli and Indian products.

This came in a speech he delivered at a conference held in Islamabad to defend the rights of the Palestinian people, in which he explained that the Israeli aggression resulted in destruction and massacre against the Palestinian people, and that the Israeli attack on Rafah violates the International Court of Justice’s temporary measures to protect the people of Gaza from genocide.

This will worsen the humanitarian disaster that Gaza has experienced over the last four months, threatening ongoing efforts for a possible ceasefire. He called on the international community, particularly the UN Security Council, to take immediate action to put an end to Israeli aggression and ongoing crimes against humanity.

Sheikh Taher Al-Ashrafi revealed that India is the one providing weapons to Israel, and that Palestinians are being killed with Indian weapons, including lethal drones, calling on the peoples of the Islamic nation to boycott Indian products in the same way that they boycott Israeli products.